Welcome to Can-service, our company offers services directed at improving your business establishments with the best systems and services specifically fit for your environment. There are many reasons for choosing our commercial maintenance plans & services for Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical systems, Suite Refresh services and Appliance Repairs. We provide a full spectrum of reliable solutions which include, emergency services, maintenance plans, regular repairs, and new installations. When you partner with Can-service be it for Commercial Plumbing Services, Commercial HVAC Services, Commercial Electrical Services, Suite Refresh services and/or Appliance Repairs, you can rest assured that all your business essentials are met.

Commercial Maintenance Services

We pledge to dedicate ourselves to nurturing the good relationships we established with our routine scheduled maintenance checkup and access to our priority 24/7/365 service center. Our technical team which is composed of all seasoned experts in handling any commercial building work thoroughly and pose a complete understanding of HVAC, Plumbing, electrical systems. Indeed, our expertly trained and reliable technicians and maintenance personnel are professionally certified and are locals of the region.

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Commercial Repair Services

The relationships we build with our clients do not just end after we leave their business establishment, we guarantee all our work done to your HVAC equipment, Electrical systems, and/or Plumbing networks within your premises for one full year. In addition, we understand the cost and effects that requiring such repairs can have on business, which is why we promise to be on your premise within four hours of your on all emergency repair calls so that we can get you back operating, fast.

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Property Management

Our property management team specializes in the enterprise, retail, medical and high-rise residential buildings. Working with both institutional & private business owners, our approaches are structured to meet the distinct needs of each client. By offering, custom maintenance plans for your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems designed to fit the needs of any property.

Hotels & Restaurants

Our individual guest room and dining function room energy management systems for hotels and restaurants enable our client business and hotel owners to manage overall power consumptions efficiently from the front desk by using guest override features of our latest power line carriers. These devices are of least reassonable cost and an effective option for handling fully functional hotels and restaurants.

Malls & Schools

Standards established by enterprise real estate developers for heating and cooling systems for shopping malls & schools may or may not be sufficient for the tenant’s specific demands for operations. With our services, we enable our client/building owner to ensure mall tenants and individual classrooms’ energy demands are met with fully developed systems for energy efficiency and safety.

Warehouse & Storage

We also conduct warehouse simulations essential for HVAC system optimization observing the temperature profile of the local environment. Also, we ensure that the main functions of insulation are achieved thus, reduced energy usage for refrigeration and prevent condensation for longer shelf life of stored merchandise.

Resturants & Bars

Restaurant owners and bar operators are able to improve the performance of their facilities and significantly cut costs without sacrificing the quality of service they render to their diners. Operation cost savings are made possible by efficient exhausting of the air from the dining hall to the kitchens, linen and storage rooms and workshop area.

Retail Stores & Showrooms

Moreover, we humbly serve heating & fueling needs of the industrial sector which have to lead us to establish operational service plans fit for the specific demands of each client. Thus, we have customized a specialty of fuel services including, on-road & off-road diesel, propane & other heating fuels available in the market.



A professional emergency response team is always ready to respond anytime and anywhere within the Canadian region. In fact, we commit to, deliver prompt resolution at the first call and have the issues fixed by the first response.


Our dedicated and reliable team of certified technicians specializing in each service we offer and deeply understand your business essentials for operation, ensuring every business we handle with intensive maintenance services we offer.


We commit to providing only the best services and answer emergency repairs with an arrival guarantee and worry-free as our repair cost are competitively priced as to not add burden on our client with operation cost.


With our high-quality commercial and industrial system installation services, we ensure industrial efficiency and cost effective equipment designed to last the demands of a growing corporation and the beginnings of an empire.