Can-service, being the fastest progressing commercial solutions company mainly focused on the improvements of enterprise establishments offering HVAC services, electrical services, and plumbing services. Our comprehensive system improvement program offers are set to accommodate medium to enterprise business structures and demands. Indeed, our services are accompanied by professionally trained and certified staff to deliver utmost comfort and efficiency to meet all the demands of an expanding industry. Also, our well experienced technical team vows to deliver service which goes beyond quality and ensures client satisfaction. Moreover, our experienced team manages in balancing the power supply, commodity risks related to power efficiency and thorough maintenance and repair services, avoiding significant risk of loss in terms of budget and safety. Above all these, we not only focus on the initial sales and services, yet we focus on our client interest.

Plumbing Experts

Our plumbers are expertly trained and certified to answer every commercial establishment pipework demand. Our plumbing services are also dependable, conveniently scheduled for every client, reasonable with pricing and well-experienced knowing the very essence of their work impact on your business. Achieve projected milestone or desired office upgrade with our extensive range of commercial plumbing supplies and experienced professional plumbers.

HVAC Experts

Our experts are readily available to help clients and deliver professional HVAC repair service, advice cost effective purchase for HVAC systems, system installation, and timely maintenance of the system with regards to availability of schedule in line with the business. Also, our HVAC design expert creates sustainable energy design ensures all the client expectations for comfort and efficiency are met and the system is fully functional along the existing electrical and plumbing system.

Electrical Experts

To deliver quality, safety, and reliability adhering to safety standards as prescribed by local safety regulations, our premier team of fully licensed and insured electricians and electrical contractors aim to accommodate all our client business demands of running a commercial establishment. Our electrical experts for emergency calls come in fully-equipped service vans ready to handle all industrial and commercial repair demands and electrical system remodeling.


Thus, our hard earned reputation for value, quality and accountability paid off well as we deemed certification from local regulations standards and recognition from our previous client. We boast our hard earned recognized and certified by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority(TSSA) we also give back to our clients in producing only the best commercial and industrial services.