Upgrading your outdated commercial heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing system will take your workplace to a new level of comfort and efficiency. Can-service has the essentials and the ability to provide quality products to complete your modern office heating & cooling systems. Moreover, we not only focus on the heating and cooling systems but also on electrical & plumbing services. With our high-quality services, we ensure proper installation of energy efficient and cost effective equipment designed to last the demands of a growing corporation and the beginnings of an empire.

Plumbing New Build Services

We cater plumbing system installation services inclusive of system design for initial installment and thorough checking for the remodeling of the existing system for plumbing system upgrades. Our plumbing services are not limited to pipework and shower installations, thus, we cover all industrial pipework including gas pipes, sink plumbing and water heater installations. We ensure overall coverage of plumbing services conducted by our professional plumbers and recommend the perfect plumbing supplies to best complement your industrial system.

HVAC New Build Services

With our highly qualified technicians, we ensure an accurate system, installation of your upgraded heating and cooling system. New models of heating and cooling systems are comparatively environmental friendly in contrast to the older models currently installed in your property. Our highly skilled installation service guarantees reduced operation cost with regards to power consumption, improved indoor quality, perfect for the working environment and handle every single detail to ensure highly efficient system operations.

Electrical New Build Services

The electrical installation team, equipped with the best knowledge to provide safety and efficient energy management without compromising miscellaneous budget allocations with no need for cost cutting on your monthly expenses. Further, our technicians are professionally trained and licensed to ensure the best services in the region. We provide a full spectrum of electrical installation services to cater all possible concerns regarding power supply and energy consumption including backup power and industrial generators.


Our project specialists are trained and experts in providing accurate and honest estimates with no charges for all new installations with service agreements. We also take pride in our recognition of the Technical Safety Standards Authority of our certified and licensed team of professional technicians, plumbers and project specialist in handling all our clientele listings.


Drawings & Permits

Our resident engineers are certified in providing comprehensive drawings for safety and compliance permits following safety standards for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system. We cover your business prior to actual remodeling of your commercial electrical systems.

Time Sensitive Projects

Our professional installation team of electricians, technicians and plumbers deeply understand the essence of time for every industry. We assure our systems installation team will finish your project the soonest possible time to have your business up and running.

High Rise Buildings

We specialize in high-rise establishments to secure installed our systems to operate at its full potential. Our installation services will have your HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical systems perform to full potential and best complement your business.