Dirt, misuse, and neglect most likely affect your industrial systems untimely breakdown, an unexpected power shortage or a pipeline clogging or leaking. Thus, this adds burden on the overall operation cost of your business. Hence, Can-service vows to provide our clients satisfaction as well as comfort and efficiency perfect for a working environment by keeping your devices in check. Our dedicated and reliable team of certified technicians specializing in each service we offer thus, they truly understand your business essentials for operation. Our maintenance programs are designed to ensure every business we handle with intensive maintenance services we offer.

Plumbing Maintenance Services

Thorough plumbing system service maintenance checking is conducted by our certified commercial plumbers for possible clogs and to prevent leaks which may lead unexpected costly repairs. Our plumbing system maintenance includes checking the existing plumbing design and hot water systems. We see to it that the overall plumbing system is fully functional, leaving no room for failures and malfunctions.

HVAC Maintenance Services

We see to it that your HVAC system is always up and running. Hence, we regularly monitor and check your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system to ensure it performs at its highest efficiency for your business with no room for unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns which hamper routine operations. The commercial HVAC maintenance is conducted by our professional team to ensure efficiency and safety at all times.

Electrical Maintenance Services

The commercial electrical system is thoroughly checked by our licensed electricians to prevent unwanted accidents and to ensure efficient power supply is enough to generate for all business operations within your establishment. We also offer generator tune ups, ensuring full energy performance of your industrial generators, speedy tune up and preventive maintenance to get you back to work the soonest possible time.


These services are conducted by our professional teams of certified HVAC technicians, licensed electricians and professional commercial plumbers intensively trained to deliver quick service, knowledgeable with the commercial systems and understands the value of your industry.Indeed, along our massive array of commercial services we offer maintenance agreement contract for each client so to schedule each client including them in our routine preventive and safety maintenance. For all of our services, we guarantee a prompt emergency response and speedy servicing as to not delay commercial operations. All these services are inclusive of our 4-hour arrival guarantee, wherein we give compensation for any delay on our part with regards to the scheduled preventive maintenance check-up.


Pre-Scheduled Checkups

Alongside our service agreement, we let our clients decide on their desired schedule for their heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, electrical and plumbing system maintenance check up. Also, we conduct semi-annual routine maintenance of our client listing ensuring all our systems are covered for at all times.

Priority Service Access

We also offer premium commercial maintenance plans for our clients, giving them complete access to our discount offers, promotions, and our prime emergency hotline as part of the added benefits of our priority access service, including preferred billing rates for service offerings.

Efficiency Reviews

Can-service has been recognized as one of the fastest emerging commercial solutions company catering to all parts of Canada follows safety standards and in compliance with national regulations offering commercial HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical system services.